Official MUSIC VIDEO Online Launch

Announcement: Hildegard’s Ghost is releasing our very first music video next week!

It’s been a beautiful journey from conception to fruition. It all started over tea and kale salad in Elisa Thorn and Roisin Adams‘ humble East Van home. Puppeteer and visionary Edith Hole (of Carnival Sized Cinnamon Hearts) joined us for a snack and a talk about our ludicrous idea to create a puppet music video from scratch in 7 weeks! She arose to the challenge, whipped up the gorgeous painting that inspired the set, and brought in her comrades Dusty Hagerüd (of Color Sound Labs) and Wryly Andherson (of Moth Orbit Object Theatre). We quickly assembled a team of hard working puppet enthusiasts and went to work. It wasn’t long before we were ready to shoot the whole thing -enter film buff extraordinaire,  Jordan Barnes-Crouse. Over one weekend, he shot the entire video, and edited it with incredible speed (fine-tuning it right up to the minutes before we debuted it at Hildegard’s Ghost Album Release on Dec. 12, 2014). It was a wild ride and we just can’t wait to share it with you. Stay tuned…


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