This video made by Ash Tanasiychuk from VANDOCUMENT documents LAUNCH Festival 2015 and features all Hildegard’s Ghost music.

Hildegard’s Ghost @ sharp blur no. 1 mini-festival curated by Shanto Acharia.

March 20, 2015

Elisa Thorn, concert harp
Roisin Adams, piano
Justin Devries, drums
and special guest James Meger, double bass


“…When we’re gone

will the fog still roll in and lift out,

will the sun dry morning’s dew

will morning still come everyday when no one is keeping time?

Will the daffodils bloom every year,

the ones you gave me when we were apart?

The yellow reminded me every spring

of how you love me…”

Excerpt from “some things are timeless” by Elisa Thorn from Stories (2014), a Hildegard’s Ghost publication.


It’s coming! Hildegard’s Ghost with the help of Edith Hole from Carnival Sized Cinnamon Hearts and friends made our very first music video, some things are timeless. It will be released shortly but in the meantime, snack on this.

Credits: Filming and Editing by Jordan Barnes-Crouse,
Music ‘Untango Reprise’ by Hildegard’s Ghost © Roisin Adams
Featured: Edith Hole, Dusty Hagerüd, Wryly Andherson, Emily Best, Roisin Adams
Not present: Elisa Thorn, Kinsey Deakin, Doug Scott, Imuginne Cairns, Steven Snider, Michelle Adams



“Is the sound of traffic music?” writes John Cage in his collection of essays and lectures entitled Silence. This City taps into the unceasing motion that is undoubtedly perpetuated by the city and it’s inhabitants. Capturing the day’s cyclical energy, it is divided into three movements: I – Daytime, II – Evening, III – Dawn. This video captured by Phillippe Schlesser showcases half of Hildegard’s Ghost, Elisa Thorn on harp and Roisin Adams on piano, performing at the beautiful Pyatt Hall as a part of Sonic Boom Festival, 2014.


Excerpt from, “This City,” composed and performed by Roisin Adams. The piece in it’s entirety, performed as a harp (Elisa Thorn) and piano (Roisin Adams) duet, debuted on March 31, 2014 for the Sonic Boom Festival, a multi-day celebration of new music by B.C. composers.




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